What is Pregnancy Yoga

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If there is a powerful practice on all levels, physical and mental, yoga is the discipline that catapults us into ourselves. Therefore, yoga practiced during pregnancy becomes even more enlightening. In the gestation period, the sensitivity in women increases considerably, as if instinct and intuition were more enhanced. What better opportunity to experience this special moment under the guidance of a teacher prepared to accompany pregnancy through yoga.

Living every precious moment of this period with the right awareness, attending the course with people who experience the same emotions, exchanging advice in the locker room, as members to an exclusive club would do, make the pregnancy yoga training very special.

Here are some basic steps for pregnancy yoga practice:

• Awareness of the body and of the emotions that change rapidly and constantly under the effect of hormones.

• In the first quarter, respect for the delicate moment and listening to all small changes, fueling the strong connection with the fetus.

• Second trimester, when the pregnancy is in full swing, strengthening the body and giving balance, which is preparatory to the following months and childbirth, always holding the mother-child combination with great tenderness.

• Third trimester focuses on physical preparation, childbirth and psychologically, on detachment from the child.

It is also important to know that practicing yoga during pregnancy,  prepares for a correct post-delivery.

The experience of the teacher is fundamental, since pregnancy is a relatively short period, but very intense, the accompaniment cannot be improvised, the psycho-physical changes of the mothers-to-be must be guided by expert hands.

Practicing during pregnancy, even for the first time, is a gift, an indispensable gift, the conscious journey that will lead to two new lives: that of the newborn and that of a new mother.

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