Hari-Om: a school versus the spreading catatonic feeling

In politics those who win are not those who have ideas but the ones focusing on the fear/promise of security

Every day we have new rules, restrictions and prohibitions in the name of peace and security. Music clubs and art galleries close down, crushed by bureaucracy, costs and rules. In the name of safety, it is almost impossible to sell local products because everything has to be packed in a single plastic dose. Every restaurant must have tables and charts on intolerances, contents, cross-contamination procedures.

In politics those who win are not those who have ideas (I state that at least im my humble opinion there is no Italian party that has them), but those who focus on the fear / promise of security. Living in close contact with the practitioners of Yoga, but still with a foot out of this world, I can assure you that the percentage of non-life sufferers is, among yoga practitioners, higher and not lower.

I wonder why? What is known is that certainly the tension is reaching very high levels and Yoga, like many other medicines / techniques / practices / philosophies but perhaps more than others, is able to decrease this tension and therefore, , there is this idea that the more massive doses of medicine are used the closer you get to solving the problem, something that I personally consider to be an ignorant thought.
The problem will not cease: simply as any psycho-pharmaceutical acts, the higher and lower frequencies are cut, making life more bearable, but less "life".

A sleeping human is not more balanced, he is simply sleeping. I hope that many of you who read know how to say no, that you decide not to adapt to flattening, that you decide to risk, aware that in reality you do not risk much because whatever you do in any case sooner or later you will die, but what it remains to be seen is if you have ever started living.

Marco Mandrino