AcroYoga Multilevel

august 31st – september 1st, 2019

Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio (AL), Italy

Led by: Tiziana Di Marco, Massimo Ameglio

Contents of the seminar

The Acro Yoga workshop is for anyone wishing to have fun as part of a group, it’s suitable for beginners, for people who have never tried it before and for those who wish to improve their practice and make it more fluid

The workshop will be Anukalana Inspired, with a specific focus on breathing coordinated with movement. Following this approach allows to transition effortlessly from a pose to the next thanks to the alternation of expansion and retraction phases, making the practice relaxing, harmonic and natural. The focus on correct alignment and the synergistic action of the muscles, will allow us not to use physical strength as the movements will be performed carefully listening to our body, allowing us to be more aware of it.

What we’ve planned for you:

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Asana performed individually and in pairs to strengthen and stretch our body

  • Exercises to improve stability

  • Yogic flying preparatory practice

  • experimental transitions

  • Preparation for harmonic small flows


AcroYoga Basics
Introduction to AcroYoga starting from the basics to develop acquaintance and calm with the partner’s body as well as with the practice. This way we’ll be able to put fluidity and awareness in the work scheduled for Sunday. We’ll experiment through handstands to accustom the body to a different perception of space. At the end of the day we’ll relax with Thai massage

AcroYoga Intermediate/Advanced

  • Getting into The Wheel

  • The Star

  • The Side Star

  • Reverse front bird

  • La fluidità e la morbidezza nei movimenti, tenendo sempre di conto del respiro Flowing and softness of movements paying attention to breathing

We will then put everything together with The Washing Machine “Ninja Star”


Tiziana Di Marco: actor looking for a different role.

Yoga was love at first mat, I remember the feeling after my first class, my body was tired yet in balance, the mind empty and the breathing full of awareness.

Working with the Milan based company of Performing Arts, I Figli Di Marla, I realized that Yoga could help me in my personal emotional, psychophysical training, combined with the techniques studied in the theater environment. So I obtained the 500h diploma with Hari Om founded by Marco Mandrino, where I studied Vinyasa Hatha Yoga and where I discovered Yin Yoga. In my continuous quest for contact with the other I came across' Acroyoga , and I graduated 200h with Jacopo Ceccarelli. Acroyoga can conquer fears , especially the fear of the other and of letting go , silently remarking the saying "Unity is strength". Currently I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Acroyoga at Yogamind Prato.

Massimo Ameglio
"... I am a train traveling towards forty but I have not yet disposed of the adrenaline ..."

I am a primary school teacher and over the years, at school, I have always placed the body as a pivot of learning using theater, dance and yoga.

I approached the world of Acroyoga 6 years ago and it was love at first sight: it is a fun but at the same time profound practice, because it allows you to make a "journey" inside yourself to get to know you better.

In the beginning, I had many difficulties, in fact, the nickname that was given to me by the flyers I was training with was "Medusa", because my grip was not very stable and they had the feeling that they could have fallen any moment. Over time, I have learned to accept my limits, but above all not to be in a hurry and to work continuously on fundamentals.

My idea of practice is fun and relaxing but at the same time accurate and safe for your body.


Morning: from 10:00am to 01:00pm
Afternoon: from 02:00pm to 05:00pm


The workshop's cost is: 100 €

It’s possible to stay at Cascina Bellaria. For info on room and rates, please click here.