About us

Hari-Om is a yoga school. For those who wish to become yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga. For whoever would like to learn, practice, understand themselves and beyond. We like to call it a laboratory aimed at developing human potential.

Hari-Om is the only Italian yoga school with an international orientation. Each year we certificate almost 100 students coming from all over the world as well as another 100 students from Italy. Hari-Om is not a magic pill, however we try to fill our students with enthusiasm, we love to celebrate life in all its hues instead of retiring from it.

Through our diverse activities such as Yoga, MMA, Functional Training, Ecstatic dance, visual arts and music, we try to unearth a feeling of wholeness and belonging in order to break boundaries and differences.
We strongly believe in taking an active role in society as well as committing to protect the environment and all-round ethics: therefore, our aim is not to favour one way to practice instead of another, rather to favour one way of living instead of another.


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What type of yoga do we offer?

The teacher training we host is taught by teachers with diverse backgrounds and unique characteristics and styles.
Our Yoga is physically intense and challenging. Although we give a lot of emphasis to dynamic Vinyasa classes, we like to offer many different inputs and we try to explain in detail the features and limits of each one so that students can learn them all and consciously decide which one to use according to the need of the moment. Hence as well as Vinyasa we teach postural yoga (Iyenger) and less dynamic classes, we include Yin Yoga, Ashtanga and much more.

Our courses and activities

In our trainings, we try to examine in depth each individual discipline so as to provide a solid foundation to the practice, to promote an honest approach to self-awareness and to develop one’s own potential as well as to provide students with the tools required to become inspired Yoga teachers. Yoga Alliance acknowledges all our courses.

Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • A team, rather than only one teacher, teach our Yoga Teacher Trainings, because we thrive to offer students different hints and approaches to practice and teaching.
  • We have a non-dogmatic approach and teach a yoga that has no style nor tradition’s boundaries. Our aim is to help you find your own unique way rather than copying somebody else’s vision.
  • We include Mixed Martial Arts and elements from other yogic traditions because we believe that, in order to fully develop human capabilities, it’s crucial to know more than just one perspective.
Silent Warrior Training
  • Silent Warrior Training is our school’s mission. It’s where we research and constantly evolve. The aim is to join and integrate different disciplines so as to fully develop one’s qualities and potential.
  • We make avail of several Meditation techniques and Yoga combined to Mixed Martial Arts + Functional Training, Crossfit and more.
  • Our SWT retreats are designed to improve strength and power as well as physical and mental resilience so that students can rediscover the beauty of self-discipline, of self-esteem and of honouring themselves and others.

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Marco Mandrino is the founder and coordinator of Hari Om school. The Hari-om school curriculum reflects Marco’s vision of Practice that integrates different techniques from various disciplines and arts in order to live simply, in harmony with the present moment and to the best of one’s potential.
To read his bio click here. To read his articles click here.

Interview with Marco Mandrino (Yoga Teacher - Hari-Yoga founder)

Our locations in Italy and worldwide

Head quarters
ITALY, Cascina Bellaria

Cascina Bellaria is a farmhouse located in the middle of the gorgeous Italian countryside. This privileged location seems so close to the sky yet so rooted in the earth. Each moment spent looking around is magic. The guests of Cascina Bellaria can enjoy free concerts every weekend, pamper themselves with a Floating Touch massage and savour the dishes made of our kitchen made always with locally sourced ingredients.

Worldwide branches
COSTA RICA, The Goddess Garden

The Goddess Garden is an wonderful place for yoga, meditation and transformation in Cahuita, Costa Rica. This yoga teacher training and retreat center is surrounded by huge jungle trees, which follow the path of a small creek. Just a step away, you will find the oldest and most amazing tree in Cahuita. This beautiful setting will invite you to practice yoga and meditation.

EGYPT, Soul / La Hacienda

Situated 2 hours from Sharm-El-Sheik and 2 hours and half from Cairo, the location is a perfect combination of natural beauty and luxurious comfort. The yoga studio is set right on the beach-front, it benefits from a stunning view of the sea and the sunset.

PANAMA, La Buena Vida

A beautiful, setting near a fishing village in Santa Catalina, very close to incredible natural beauties such as Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and marine wonderland.

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