Yoga Workshops and Retreats

Going to Stay

August 30th-31st - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2014

with Emanuela Genesio

"Being insightful/ staying there/ chance and discipline as sounds to listen
Eyes, body, hands as movements to trace/ insight and outside"


Drops of yoga chikitsa

September 06th-07th - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2014

with Silvia Nicodano

The Healing of our body mind and the call to realize the goal of one's life are two intrinsically linked realities, which dialogue and influence each other in daily life and in daily practice.


Meditation Retreat

September 17th-21st 2014 - Cascina Bellaria, Italy

March 27th-31st 2015Cascina Bellaria, Italy

In the above mentioned dates the Hari Yoga final retreat for the 500hr certification will take place.


One week retreat in Clare Island

April 13th - 20th 2015 - Clare Island

One week together to practice in the amazing nature of friendly Ireland.

Clare Island is situated 20 minutes by ferry from the Western coast of Ireland. With a population of 150 inhabitants it guarantees peace and silence therefore a perfect place for an intense practice withdrawing the senses from the daily stress.




In the dark room

June 05th 2014 - Cascina Bellaria, Italy

with Marco Mandrino together with Cropcircle and Fabrizio Ofria at Didjeridoo and percussions.


A guided meditation to explore the dark corners of the soul. Cropcircle will create hell, Marco will lead you through it. A one-hour meditation with Dark Ambient music exploring together the beauty of the shadow and dark waiting, maybe vainly, for the light.


20.30 - 21.30


10 Euro


International Certification Training to become Laughter Yoga Leader

August 1st-3rd  - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2014

International Certification Training to become Laughter Yoga Leader.

Directed by Davide Giansoldati, Laughter Yoga teacher.

Everyone can benefit from practising Laughter Yoga, by bringing more joy, lightness and positivity to his own life:  Yoga Teachers, yoga students, healthcare assistants, educators, coaches and athletic trainers, therapists.

During the course, the participants will learn how to lead a basic stretching, breathing techniques, exercises to stimulate laughter, advices to improve their grounding and indications to sustain their awareness.


New Year's Yoga Eve 2014/2015


From December 30th  2014 – January 1st  2015

Hari-om Cascina Bellaria

A great opportunity to have fun and celebrate the coming of a new year together, far from the noise and traffic.


Yoga Therapy Training

Module A: July 1st - July 7th, 2013

Module B:  2013 (to be defined)

Italy: Cascina Bellaria

The yoga therapy training is divided into two modules. Each module is a 7 days retreat located in the north of Italy.


Hari-Yoga: Chakra and Tantra Yoga

August 24th-25th - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This Workshop is part of Yoga Together 2013.

Hari-Yoga: Chakra and Tantra Yoga

With Rosalba Piarulli and Marco Mandrino.


Discover the seven chakra, where they are in the body, the symbolism, the relationship with the elements of the nature, their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual function, the relationship between chakra and endocrine glands and nerve ganglia.

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