Emanuela Genesio, Hari-om Yoga Teacher

From Emanuela's words:

"I teach, and above all, I experience yoga, since I met Marco Mandrino's non dogmatic and interdisciplinary approach. I've participated in yoga since having the intuition that creativity, aesthetics and contemplation can exist and be a part of an holistic world based on mindfulness and equilibrium.

emanuela genesio performance torino spiritualità 2013Today, thanks to yoga's positive influence on me, I am able to teach Contemporary Art (at the European Institute of Design and at Paris8 University) and create installations, take part in performances, Indian inks and poetry in relation with people and their energy.
My natural inclination towards theory and abstraction, with the necessity to join senses and perception, constitute the two poles where I let artistic creativity and the yoga attitude have a dialogue. In visual arts and in yoga, indeed, I like to partake in the interaction of different disciplines, both in theory and teaching than in practice. Thanks to the experiences of Tai-chi and Zen, I produce artistic performances and mixed workshops with the intention of going deep into the powerful and delicate dimension that is human poetry. By walking into nature and contemplating its minimal but vivid signs (the sea-side horizon, the texture of a leaf, the consistency of the air), I find a threshold between the inner and the outside world, that is the vague place where creativity and love arise. I like to take care of that place daily, choosing the best instruments to experience in the ephemeral present. I feel that writing is one of these tools: it's a poetic form to talk to the universe and the people it hosts".

In parallel with some magazine and book publishing, Emanuela has a blog on http://www.exibart.com/blog/blog.asp?idutente=21133  and a column about the relationship between yoga and art on http://www.blissbeathome.com/it/, in which she writes upon that threshold linking poetry, art, yoga and people's experiences.



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