Hari-om Yoga School Venues - Samasati - Costa Rica

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Hari-om Yoga School carefully selects the venue for its trainings to ensure comfortable and secure lodging, delicious vegetarian and organic meals, inspiring and lush environment for your study.

Welcome to the Hari-Om YTT at Samasati Nature Retreat, a truly natural place where everyone can have a profound, fulfilling and real Yogic experience in one of the last standing rain forests, as it was in ancient times in some remote dwellings and forest caves, but with the bonus of modern facilities and comfort...Welcome to the Future, Welcome to the Present.

Samasati Nature Retreat, nestled in the South-Caribbean Rainforest of Costa Rica, is the ideal location for a truly forest-Yogi experience and for whoever wants to deepen the practice and knowledge of Yoga in a pristine and unspoiled natural environment. Far away from urban gyms and hectic city life, amongst ancient trees, colorful tropical birds and kaleidoscopic butterflies, it becomes easy and effortless to think ecologically, to nourish harmony with all living creatures and to reclaim our universal and cosmic connection that is the true essence of Yoga.

While the lexicon of the school includes all the different aspects needed for a serious teaching preparation, Hari-Om is a school of integral Yoga, thus teaching a kind of Yoga that goes beyond the boundaries of Styles and Traditions. A qualified body of teachers with expertise in different fields ranging from Asana to Meditation, from Yoga-therapy to Ayurveda, from Yoga anatomy to Philosophy and from Mantra to devotional chanting, will lead the practice in the open Studio surrounded by the magnificent forest that is inspirational in itself and where it became inherent to carry the practice out of the Yoga room, while going for a delicious vegetarian meal or while hiking the jungle paths.


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