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Ayurveda Massages


In Farmhouse Bellaria people can receive Ayurveda massages, as the following ones:

Abhyangam: it is the typical Ayurveda massage; it is done by massaging the body with lukewarm medical oil or a mixture of essential oils in vegetable oil, different according to the person and the parts of the body. Besides being relaxing and acting against stress, it has as main aim the psycho-physical reactivation; from a physical point of view it cleans and makes the skin softer, reactivates and melts the muscles, and helps to improve the lymphatic and blood circulation; it is excellent for people with a Vata Dosha constitution and for all troubles due to an imbalance (insomnia, depression, dryness); from a deeper point of view it helps to discover and to remove fears and anxieties, and to gain a better ability to live and profit from the present and increase self-consciousness; it can be done for therapeutic purposes and specific troubles.

Abhyangam by  4 hands: it is the classical massage of the Indian tradition; n energetic massage with two therapists that move synchronously.

Shirodhara: it consists in pouring a constant lukewarm thread of vegetable oil on the forehead; it gives a deep sense of peace and serenity to the mind and body; very useful for people suffering from headache, insomnia, eye diseases, strong stress, depression, it improves the intellectual ability, the memory, auditory and eye perception.

Udvartanam: the body gets strongly massaged with a mixture of soft and fragrant dust, spices and legumes; it is useful to diminish the excess of Kapha Dosha and to dissolve the fat layer.; it improves the skin colour, the blood and lymphatic circulation, and gives stability to body and mind.

Podikizhi: It is done with cotton sacks filled with a warm mix of dusts, spices and legumes, and used to tap or scratch the body, more or less energetically according to the constitution; first of all the body is covered with sesame oil and essential oils, and then the body is tapped with Kizhi; this allows the oil to penetrate more deeply; this kind of massage improves the lymphatic and blood circulation; it is useful against backache, cervical pains and sciatica.

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